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Youth Activists

Illustration 1: in 2017 Jamie Margolin co-founded Zero Hour, which organised the first-ever youth climate marches in July 2018. “Climate change is the grand culmination of the consequences of all these systems of oppression: colonialism, patriarchy, racism, and capitalism.” She explains this, and a lot more in the following article and I strongly suggest you read it here.

Illustration 2: I first heard of Greta Thunberg when she gave speeches to the EU leaders and the UK Parliament in April this year, although her ‘school strike for climate’ had started in August 2018. I wasn’t aware of climate change youth activism before that, and for the first time in a while I felt there was hope yet for our future on this planet. ✨

Teenagers are truly inspiring and I’m looking forward to when they’re old enough to have the power to make the world as open-minded and involved as they are. For now though, it’s our job as adults to listen to them and start implementing changes so they can have that future.

Drawn for pleasure and to support these amazing people.
Year: 2019


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