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Slay In Your Lane

A business book written by Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke.

If you’re a young black woman or woman of colour, this book is important because it’s extremely well-researched, full of advice, resources, and interviews with inspiring successful black women. It’s serious yet at times funny. It’s realistic yet optimistic. It talks about defining what success is for you and to go for it regardless of what is expected of you.

If you’re a white person, this book is important to learn about the experience of being a black woman in Britain (and I suspect in any country with a white majority). Important to know that mentalities need to change a lot more than we think in order to make that post-racial future happen sooner than later. Important so we can push that change.

Part of my ongoing ‘women I admire’ series. Drawn for pleasure.
Year: 2018


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