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Paula Rego at Hogarth’s House

In 2021, Hogarth’s House put up a display of Paula Rego’s etching artworks, some of them inspired by Hogarth’s etchings. A milestone for me, I was offered the opportunity to do graphic design work for the exhibition! I love galleries and museums so I was very excited (still am). I created the posters and the exhibition signage.

The wall colours were already chosen by the gallery, so I had to come up with a colour combo for the signage that would complement the room. I went for something very neutral as not to detract from the art. For the posters, I had first created a few options in the same colourway as the signage, keeping it simple to put the emphasis on the art. The gallery (and Paula Rego herself!) liked a few of those options and asked me to create two colour combinations that would work well with the first one. I chose colours that could be found in Rego’s work.

Rego’s work is beautiful, sometimes strange and always mesmerising, with deep meaning and messaging behind it. It was an honour to be anywhere near something involving her art.

Role: Art direction, Graphic design
Client: Hogarth’s House
Field: Graphic design, Exhibition signage
Year: 2021


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